Marty’s Clock Radio

This clock radio is the exact make and model used in BTTF 1.

The radio is seen twice in the movie. At the beginning it is used to show the time, 12.28am, just before Doc calls Marty from the Twin Pines Mall. At the end it is used to show the time 10.28am and is the radio alarm that wakes Marty.

The first picture is a still from the movie.

The second picture is the clock we have for sale.

The clock requires a US 110V supply. It can be used with a standard travel transformer elsewhere.

EUR150 including shipping within the European Union. We ship from within the EU and so you won’t pay any import duty. If you want to order from outside the EU – please email us at and include your address for a quote.

Walkie Talkies from BTTF 2 – sold out

Doc and Marty took these walkie talkies back from the alternate 1985 to 1955.

The walkie talkies were also used in BTTF 3 although this time Doc strapped on some heavy batteries.

The walkie talkies used in BTTF 2 were regular 1980s radios. These are no longer available. We’ve managed to get hold of a pair in good condition complete with the original packet. The pictures show the walkie talkies in and out of the box.


These walkie talkies still work, although the quality of reception and range is nothing like that seen in the movie. If you want to play Doc and Marty then a pair of walkie talkies are an essential item.

Here’s the back of the packet: