We’ve searched everywhere and found three two alarm clocks that are almost identical to the one used in the movie. The alarm clock was put on the dash/instrument panel to let Marty know when it was time to start driving towards the clock tower in BTTF 1. The clock then stayed in the DeLorean Time Machine throughout the Back to the Future trilogy. Here’s a frame from BTTF 1:

Clock 1 is sold.

Clocks 2 is about five inches or 13cm high. Clock keeps time although the alarm doesn’t seem to work.

Clocks 3 is about 3 3/4inches or 9cm high. Clock keeps time and alarm works.

Clock 2 – £99

Clock 3 – £99

All prices include UK shipping. If you want to order from outside the UK – please email us at sales@bttfdelorean.com and include your address for a quote.